MCM Expo, E-sports and more!

So I had planned on documenting my cosplay progress on here. That turned out well *herpderp* So where have I been? Well I got work, in a nutshell. I started a marketing internship in London around March time and once that ended during April I went on super job hunt/prepping for MCM Expo whilst I had the time. Then I got my job break at the beginning of May and here I am!

I’m currently working in the Promotions and Marketing dept. of a magazine in London J I’m in a super snazzy building as well with a great view across the city (when it isn’t grey and typically English like it is today) and it’s good to be in a proper working environment which isn’t retail.

The MCM Expo took place from the 24th – 26th May at the ExCel Centre in the Docklands area in London. I’ve been going since 2006 so you could say I’m becoming a bit of an expo veteran now! I’m pretty sure this was the busiest I’ve seen it since I started going. Thankfully they took on the suggestions people have been making for years and opened up a separate hall for people to chill out, rest and have a bite to eat. We’ve been suggesting this for ages and it’s good to see they’ve actually made something out of it, it has been a much needed for a very long time! Another thing I noticed was that there was a big increase in people which disabilities attending (along with some pretty well thought out cosplays) which is great; I imagine the organisers have widened the aisles a bit and the addition of the rest area must have made a big difference. It’s great that they’re making it so anyone can attend without limits. I imagine it must have helped having only MCM Expo on at the venue as opposed to having 2 different events on at the same time which is how it’s been for the last few years!

The main issue I had this time was the queues for the cash machines and the amount of space people took up in queuing for these. I think when I first got in on Saturday around 10:30am, the 2 front machines both had at least 30-40 people queuing…each! The machines downstairs had an equal amount of people if not more at some points and the cloak rooms were flooded with items so they got full very quickly (on Sunday I had to go to a different cloak room after one was full and this was on the ‘quieter’ day).  

So how can ExCel combat this? This is obviously a venue issue over an event issue, so there’s no point in people complaining to MCM about this issue. ExCel need to either start installing more cash machines inside or maybe even have some outside to take some of the heat off the ones inside. It’s been gradually getting worse for years but this year I’ve noticed it to be way out of control, to the point where I didn’t bother buying anything because the queues were so ridiculous. Most money I bought with me ended up going on food and the nearest cash machines outside of ExCel are a good 10/20 min walk away (depending on what end of the venue you go from), which isn’t that far, but taking into consideration that you are either in costume, have lots of bags (because the cloak rooms are full…) and you’re tired, it’s not exactly convenient. Also taking into consideration the number of wheelchair users attending, just popping to a cash point by Royal Victoria isn’t exactly a speedy task.

Something needs to be done.

Personally I don’t feel comfortable taking out £100+ before I leave and travelling 1-2 hours across London to Expo along with my costume and bags. There’s just too much risk of it getting pick pocketed or dropped. And I’m reasonably local to the venue, there are others travelling for hours and I’m pretty sure they’re in the same situation! I really hope they go over this problem and rectify it in time for October Expo so that it’s a more enjoyable experience and you’re not standing in queues all day.


Aside from that, the expo was better than previous ones I have been to, especially with the latest edition to the MCM line-up, MCM Esports. Currently this only consists of League of Legends which is a great place to start as it is currently the widest played/recognised game of its type. However I do believe in the next few years, after the success of the first E-sports tournament they held, they will branch out to include other games such as Starcraft 2, DotA 2, maybe some fighting games and others like CS:GO. Possibly if this goes well a whole hall/separate event could be formed solely for E-sports, which would be amazing for the UK E-sports scene. I know people would gladly pay to watch and take part in something like this because with the exception of the iSeries up north, there’s not a huge amount around, especially in London, which is strange as it is the capital city. I’m guessing the reason behind this is the costs of running an event here is a lot more plus being unsure of demand, but I am sure it is there. 

Still on the topic of E-sports:
Yesterday I went to the new Meltdown E-sports bar launch near Kings Cross/Caledonian Road in London. Unfortunately it wasn’t planned out as well as it could have been so we didn’t stay long; They were late opening (no updates on their FB or twitter to explain why) and when it finally did open, there was a huge rush of people squeezing into this relatively small bar to get a table and then a nice 20 minute wait to get a drink (which are fairly priced for London which is a nice bonus) whilst having a man behind me ‘accidentally’ pushing himself against my hips/ass. A very fun experience. We stayed for one drink and then left because there was no where to sit, we couldn’t get inside to watch and enjoy the SC2 streams and check out the equipment and set ups they had in there which was a shame. We’re planning on going again at some point when it isn’t packed from wall to wall in people so we can actually see what they have there as it looks like a fun hang out even if it is kinda in middle of nowhere and a long walk from the tube stations. Hopefully they’ll get the place finished off so it’s ready for large groups of people as it was still being decorated/sorted out when we got there!! 
Anyway, that is my blurb for now, have been writing it on and off all week when I’ve had spare time as I’ve been so busy with work and seeing people! Once I get my photos back from the photographer at expo I’ll post my Exiled Morgana pics along with some of the group as I was pretty pleased with how it all went 🙂 
Saru out! 

The Comparison between demo and final product: Aliens: Colonial Marines

I’m pretty sure most people have already seen this but I found it quite interesting, especially when you compare them like this, it’s apparent that something went very very wrong in the dev process. It’s not the kind of game I’d usually go for (I’m a sissy wuss who flies out her seat when something jumps out at me *_*) but it’s still sad to see this sort of thing happen, as it’s likely people’s jobs are at risk as a result. I also feel for the people who shelled out full price for a game which is full of bugs and lacks the intensity and atmosphere of other similar games on the market at the moment for the same price.

For people who are interested in the reason behind it, you can find some info on the Reddit thread here:
(I’m new to blogging so I apologise for not imputting this correctly ^^)

It really makes for an interesting read! Kotaku is keeping us updated on the goings on so I recommend checking there for any new info regarding possible patches/fixes for the game.
Extra link! :

For the sake of the gamers and the employees I hope they can rectify this and get this mess sorted out, whether it’s a patch or a re-release, I’m not sure if it’s worth it at this point as the budget’s probably flown out the window right now!
I’m intrigued for any updates on the matter!

I’ll be back!!

(Video credit goes to VideoGamerTV


Mornin’! I decided yesterday that I wanted more of a project cosplay wise as I’m bored and unemployed as present *_* So I’m planning on making Shyvana from League of Legends (she’s half dragon >:D ) because it challenges me to make armour which I’ve avoided so far and it means I get to snap at people all day XD



Something like that 🙂 Anyway ^ Picture as a rough idea of how she should look 🙂 I’m hoping to get started in the next week or so once I get a heat gun so I can try out bending some camping mat foam I have here to see if that’ll work as armour, if not then I’ll have to go for foamboard or worbla! We shall see 🙂 But I’ll document what I do to show you guys what I think does/doesn’t work or any sneaky tactics I found >:3

First Post! Here’s the low-down..

Hey guys, thanks to anyone whos started following already, I promise I’ll try and keep upto date with news and reviews on stuff. My main interests gaming wise at the moment are in League of Legends and DotA2 so the majority of my posts will be about these 🙂

As a brief intro, I have an account on EuW under the name of Saoirse Alannah, I am level 30 and have been playing for about 2 years now (it would have been longer than this if I gave into my friends harassment sooner and sacrificed most of my uni days ;D). I have a BA in Game Design which I graduted from 2 years ago and am now looking for work in the social media area of gaming, particularly E-sports and community areas 🙂 So I’m hoping to build up a network through this to get me noticed *fingers crossed!* Anyway, that’s it for the intro for now…will probably add more sooner or later, who knows! For now, I’m gonna sit here and read into Quinn and Valors stats and shizzle so I’ll be ready for the release and be -7300ip lighter! DAT WEIGHT LOSS.